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  • Shipped From USA – Delivery 2-5 Business Days
  • hand fidget spinner is perfect toy for kids and adults to have some fun alone or together relieve Stress, killing time, at home, school, work, parties, help with ADHD or autism, cool for rave parties
  • LED light up hand fidget spinner made from hard and strong colorful plastic that keep the hand spinner from breaking
  • 4 different plastic colors to chose from: red, green, black, blue,
  • Have total of 9 LED lights its 3 LED’s in each corner and 3 lighting modes: flashing fast, flashing slow, and color rotating. each corner is controlled separately
  • Uses 3 CR1632 batteries (included) and can be replaceable

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Product Description

LED light up Hand spinner - Fidget Spinner

This LED hand fidget spinner toy is perfect toy for kids and adults to have fun, kill time, helps for stress, and also great to dance and spin it at glow and rave parties.

The hand fidget spinner were originally designed to help students with attention disorders like ADD and ADHD. Experts say it can help kids occupy their hands discreetly at their desk while focusing on school work; some counselors and therapists have even been encouraging their use.

Our hand spinner its not just a regular hand spinner, its a light up hand spinner so you can use it day or night, when you turn it on and spin it it becomes an awesome light show that can't be missed, it creates beautiful psychedelic glowing patterns that hypnotist everyone that looks at it.

Our LED Light up hand spinner fit in the palm of your hand and feature a ball bearing that allows it to spin. We crate our hand spinner from hard and strong colorful plastic that keep the hand spinner from breaking, it contain 9 LED’S its 3 LED’S in each corner and 3 lighting modes: flashing fast, flashing slow, and color rotating.

Fidget spinners can be marketed as "stress relievers" for kids (and adults) to fidget with, and can allegedly help with ADHD or autism. They can spin on a table like a dreidel or in your hand, creating a mesmerizing swirling pattern; the goal among fans is often to see who can spin it for the longest.

Its good to take five-minute breaks here and there while working, and give the spinner a twirl to help the brain re-focus. Fidget spinners have become a toy to trade and share with friends, it is small, and easily fits in your pocket so you can take it with you everywhere, work, parks, beach, music festivals, its cool for rave parties dance and spinning it like poi balls or LED gloves creating beautiful glowing pictures


Additional Information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 1 in

Red, Black, Blue, Green


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