LED Poi Ball – Glow spinning poi set

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  • Shipped From USA Seattle WA – Delivery 2-5 Business Days
  • The LED poi balls come as a set of 2 poi balls
  • The LED Light up poi balls made from high quality soft snowy white plastic that Protected from rain and splash water
  • Each LED Poi ball have 7 different color modes: 1) all colors blinking 2) changing colors slowly 3) purple 4) red 5) blue 6) green 7) off
  • comes in pair and each LED Poi ball comes with adjustable string, 2 finger loops and set of batteries that can be replaceable easily
  • Great fun dance play Individually or with friends, keep you in shape, Perfect for festivals and rave parties, Improve your concentration and coordination, Can create amazing art pictures
  • Uses three Batteries LR-44 or AG-13 (Included) that can be Replaceable
  • the glow poi has Small power conception Due to LED lights for long lasting battery

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Product Description

Poi is a type of Maori dance art originated with the Maori people of New Zealand, the instrument that involved in the Maori dance art also called Poi and It's basically a ball or weights attached to wire. The dancer artists swinging the poi through a variety of rhythmical movement to create geometric patterns, the dancer require high concentration and coordination not hit themselves. Over the years Poi evolved and expanded to almost all over the world and can often be seen at large rave festivals, dance club, dance school, circus, and performed in group choreography shows with vocal and musical accompaniment. Unlike many physical arts, learning poi does not usually involve formal education. Most spinners learn from each other or teach themselves using internet resources.

Our LED Poi ball is a great product to have some fun, day or night, Individually or in group, take it to a park, dance club, beach, or just at home put good music and enjoy to dance with it improve your concentration and coordination, keep you in shape (Burns calories). Also to have extra fun and to work on your creativity Make an amazing art pictures with LED Poi ball, picture yourself or your friend in different shape patterns and colors and form a poi art gallery.

We built and form our LED Poi ball from high quality soft snowy white plastic. The balls extremely light and nice to play with, not heart you and survive even the hardest hits, the balls are protected from rain and splash water, you can squeeze them easily with your hand and they will return back to their regular shape. Each LED Poi ball containing inside 3 LED light (red, green, blue,) and microprocessor that control 7 different lights mode. Each LED Poi ball comes with adjustable string, 2 finger loops and set of batteries that can be replaceable easily and last extremely long due the small power conception of the LED’s


Poi Ball Features

• Seven different color modes:

1) all light blinking together
2) Automatic changing colors slowly red, green, blue, purple, pink, azure, white.
3) all lights together steady
4) red blinking
5) blue blinking
6) green blinking
7) off

• Spinning poi is great fun dance play Individually or with friends

• Improve your concentration and coordination

• Keep you in shape

• the glow poi Can create amazing art pictures

• Extremely light and soft

• the led poi balss Protected from rain and splash water

• Replaceable battery

• Small power conception for long lasting battery


Additional Information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 4 in


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